Leveret in St Martins Church

Levret in St Martins Church

Band records live album in St Martins Church. Leveret features three of England’s finest musicians Andy Cutting, Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron. They are regarded as masters of their instrument.

Andy Cutting is a player of the melodeon, Sam Sweeney, the fiddle and  Rob Harbron plays concertina. Leveret’s music is firmly rooted in the English tradition but is fresh and new, with original settings of ancient tunes sitting alongside new compositions by some of today’s finest tunesmiths.

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Their new album called ‘In The Round’ was recorded live in St Martins church in Stoney Middleton. The albums name clearly refers to the unique octagonal shape of the church, and the album cover is a picture of the church roof. The album will be available from the 29th January 2016

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