New picture from WWII – Sgt Homes with Special Constabulary


Tim Knebel, Project Coordinator for ‘Peak in the Past’ has very kindly provided this picture. He came across it amongst some largely uncatalogued Derbyshire Police Constabulary records at Derbyshire Record Office.

On the rear of the photograph it states ‘Sgt Homes with Special Constabulary Stoney Middleton (2nd world war)’. Can you name anyone? Its not clear where the picture was taken or if these gentlemen were all from Stoney Middleton, however we know that Sgt Homes was indeed the local bobby for Stoney Middleton at this time, so its likely they were.

The Special Constabulary were as they are now a voluntary force, supporting full time officers. They came into their own during WWI and WW2 when large numbers of police were needed to enforce the new restrictions imposed on the civilian population. The service was expanded by about 50% with 130,000 men enrolled in the Special Constabulary. They helped with rationing and blackouts in addition to their ordinary duties of maintaining law and order.

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