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  • Heginbotham Bros Ltd payment of invoice covering letter

    This original letter was provided to our group for inclusion in our archive and is in excellent condition. The letter is addressed to William Barker & Sons Ltd who were Tanners and Curriers which was one of the oldest industries in Otley. They were founded about 1845 Heginbotham Bros letter The letter provides a number… Learn more

  • Lovers Leap legend fascinates local radio station

    Radio Derby visited the village recently to investigate the story of Hannah Baddeley, a lady jilted by the love of her life leapt from the cliff tops in Stoney Middleton. Miraculously she survived with no more than cuts and bruises when her voluminous skirts billowed out and acted like a parachute slowing her fall. The… Learn more

  • Parish Council petition from 1901 to the House of Lords

    Thanks to Barry Nottage for this one. The petition was hand written on parchment in 1901 and addressed to the House of Lords encouraging them to allow a greater distribution of electricity. They comment that it is almost impossible to access electricity in the village, even for lighting. They suggest that the supply of electricity could greatly benefit the industries… Learn more

  • The Millennium Book

    Local residents capture life in the village in the year 2000, producing a book. The book provides a brief history of the village as well as a snapshot of the village in that year. It has been provided in two section and can be accessed by clicking on the links below Millennium Book – Part 1 Millennium Book –… Learn more

  • Old village book donated

    Probably the oldest published book about the village, Thos E Cowen captures the village at a moment in time over 100 years ago. This edition was published in 1941, it was kindly donated by Kathleen Heginbotham, whose father owned the boot factory at Calver. EMERGING from the First Meadow through a stile two low buildings appear on the right in… Learn more

  • New image found of the Toll House

    Toll House

    Rod Gillatt finds new image of the Toll House in clearance shop in Buxton The image provided by Rod Gillatt is interesting and differs from others. It shows two ladies stood outside the Grouse Inn probably taking a break from cooking. There is a wooden barrel of beer presumably just delivered and waiting to be rolled inside. There are also two traps… Learn more

  • Toll Bar Charges 1862

    Toll Bar Charges

    New toll charges issued in 1862. September 1862 saw new toll-bar-charge take effect at Stoney Middleton. All who passed through the village would have to pay a toll for the privilege of taking the road. Open the pdf above and look at the categories of charges, an indication of the traffic expected to be passing through the village… Learn more

  • Students present world war II village bombing experience

    SHU students

    Sheffield Hallam University Students present their project to members of Stoney Middleton Heritage Centre Community Group The students created a video game based on the world war II experience of the village which was bombed.  The quarry was struck by two Messerschmitt Bf 110s (also known as ME11). They attacked the tarmac plant in Dalton quarry. They sought to disrupt production due to its… Learn more

  • BBC highlights Stoney Middleton

    Lennon's boot factory

    BBC’s Escape to the Country features William Lennon’s boot factory in Stoney Middleton. A recent episode of Escape to the Country featured a couple wishing to move to Derbyshire. The program chose to include aspects of the Peak District and to our pride chose Stoney Middleton. They visited the amazing boot factory in the village which still makes safety boots as they have for generations.… Learn more

  • Heginbotham’s family history

    Shoe being Hand Welted

    Joseph Heginbotham was a very important part of Stoney Middleton’s history. He stablished his family business in 1884 with his sons Luther, Mathew, William, and Harry the inventor of the steel toe cap boot originally made for miners in 1933. The family business had various factories in the village, including Craigstead (1896-97) a brick built factory on High… Learn more