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  • Bombing the quarry

    Bombing the quarry

    Bombing of the quarry in Stoney Middleton occurred during WWII when it was struck by two Messerschmitt Bf 110s (also known as ME11). They attacked the tarmac plant in Darlton quarry (opposite the turning to Eyam in Stoney Middleton Dale). They sought to disrupt production due to its importance; the tarmac being used for the repair and construction of roads… Learn more

  • New picture from WWII – Sgt Homes with Special Constabulary


    Tim Knebel, Project Coordinator for ‘Peak in the Past’ has very kindly provided this picture. He came across it amongst some largely uncatalogued Derbyshire Police Constabulary records at Derbyshire Record Office. On the rear of the photograph it states ‘Sgt Homes with Special Constabulary Stoney Middleton (2nd world war)’. Can you name anyone? Its not… Learn more

  • Poems of Stoney Middleton

    The Moon Inn

    Sheffield student encapsulates aspects of the village’s heritage with two beautiful poems.   Ellie Wilson studying at Sheffield Hallam University was so taken by the heritage and charm of the village she penned the following poems. The first tells the story of Cesare Dati an Italian prisoner of the second world war, captured in Africa… Learn more

  • Prisoner of War Camp

    In 1940 the world was at war, an act which was to have a profound effect on hundreds of thousands of people the world over. Stoney Middleton, a remote village in Derbyshire was to be no different. The village was an industrial village centred on limestone quarrying, the stone was used directly for construction and… Learn more

  • Servicemen of WWI & II

    49th Squadron

    Remembering and honoring the men from the world wars – Do you know anyone who served? Stoney Middleton and its brave men gave unreservedly for the benefit of our freedom, serving in both world wars. SMHCCG would like to commemorate these men compiling a list of all who served along with their stories. The information… Learn more

  • Students present world war II village bombing experience

    SHU students

    Sheffield Hallam University Students present their project to members of Stoney Middleton Heritage Centre Community Group The students created a video game based on the world war II experience of the village which was bombed.  The quarry was struck by two Messerschmitt Bf 110s (also known as ME11). They attacked the tarmac plant in Dalton quarry. They sought to disrupt production due to its… Learn more