Village Books

A number of books have been written about Stoney Middleton, and along with the one currently being written will all be posted here in their entirety as and when they are digitised.

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  • Companion into Derbyshire 1948

    In 1948 Ethel Carlton Williams visited Derbyshire to undertake research for her book companion into Derbyshire. Chapter four – Padley, Stoney Middleton and Eyam follows or it can be viewed in its original format Companion into Derbyshire by Ethel Carlton Williams Part II. THE LOWER PEAK CHAPTER FOUR: Padley and Stoney Middleton The Eyres of… Learn more

  • Old village book donated

    Probably the oldest published book about the village, Thos E Cowen captures the village at a moment in time over 100 years ago. This edition was published in 1941, it was kindly donated by Kathleen Heginbotham, whose father owned the boot factory at Calver. EMERGING from the First Meadow through a stile two low buildings appear on the right in… Learn more

  • The Millennium Book

    Local residents capture life in the village in the year 2000, producing a book. The book provides a brief history of the village as well as a snapshot of the village in that year. It has been provided in two section and can be accessed by clicking on the links below Millennium Book – Part 1 Millennium Book –… Learn more