Bombing the quarry

Bombing the quarry

Bombing of the quarry in Stoney Middleton occurred during WWII when it was struck by two Messerschmitt Bf 110s (also known as ME11). They attacked the tarmac plant in Darlton quarry (opposite the turning to Eyam in Stoney Middleton Dale).

They sought to disrupt production due to its importance; the tarmac being used for the repair and construction of roads and runways.

Locals recall the day, remembering that the planes were so low they blew leaves off the trees as they flew over. Then followed a terrible bang and lots of smoke with people running and shouting. However the plant was soon repaired and back into full production.


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  • Michael E. Howgate says:

    Do you have a date and time for the bombing raid on the quarry plus any details of the damage done and when production was resumed. Also any details from Luftwaffe reports.



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