Lead mining

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  • Lead Mining

    Lead Miners

    People have mined lead in the Peak District for thousands of years including the Romans, as evidenced by the discovery of several Roman pigs (blocks of lead) found in the area. Lead mining remained a major industry in the area until its decline the 1850’s. Early lead mining There had always been lead mining in… Learn more

  • Lead Smelting

    Lead Smelting Cupola at Stoney Middleton

    Lead Smelting is a process where lead is extracted from Galena (lead sulphide) or lead ore. Galena is found in limestone in rakes (seams or veins). Once mined the lead is extracted from the ore by heating it known as smelting. Stoney Middleton Dale had ideal conditions for smelting, it had steep slopes necessary for the draft required for the fires, while Dale Brook provided power to drive the bellows… Learn more

  • Lead Workings

    Lwad Works

    The picture title states that it is a lead working in Middleton Dale. The location is not certain but considering the contour of the land it is thought to be where Furness quarry (now known as Horse Shoe Quarry) was later located, which is a few hundred yards past the turning for Eyam heading towards Tideswell. There are a number of constructions… Learn more

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