Here we provide copies of old documents relevant to the village and its heritage

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  • Heginbotham Bros Ltd payment of invoice covering letter

    This original letter was provided to our group for inclusion in our archive and is in excellent condition. The letter is addressed to William Barker & Sons Ltd who were Tanners and Curriers which was one of the oldest industries in Otley. They were founded about 1845 Heginbotham Bros letter The letter provides a number… Learn more

  • Indenture document of John Hallam

    The Indenture document was made on the 18th August 1851. It commits John Hallam to an apprenticeship in needle making The  indenture document can be seen in more detail Learn more

  • Indenture document of Josheph Cocker

      This document was made on the 24th April 1849 between Joseph Cocker the younger of Nithingend Nr Buxton, Corwainer (shoe maker), Thomas Gregory of Eyam, James Cocker of Stoney Middleton, William Platts and wife Hannah (nee Cocker) from Foolow, Alice  Handford of Nithingend, John Gregory of Calver and Samual Sarner of Eyam. The family business was boot… Learn more

  • Mycock & Wilson letter

    This letter has been donated to the group. It is a hand written letter from 1939 written to Messrs Barker and sons.  William Barker & Sons Ltd were Tanners and Curriers, one of the oldest industries in Otley. They were founded about 1845. Mycock letter The letter states Dear Sirs ,We should be pleased to have a quotation… Learn more

  • Parish Council petition from 1901 to the House of Lords

    Thanks to Barry Nottage for this one. The petition was hand written on parchment in 1901 and addressed to the House of Lords encouraging them to allow a greater distribution of electricity. They comment that it is almost impossible to access electricity in the village, even for lighting. They suggest that the supply of electricity could greatly benefit the industries… Learn more

  • Toll Bar Charges 1862

    Toll Bar Charges

    New toll charges issued in 1862. September 1862 saw new toll-bar-charge take effect at Stoney Middleton. All who passed through the village would have to pay a toll for the privilege of taking the road. Open the pdf above and look at the categories of charges, an indication of the traffic expected to be passing through the village… Learn more