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  • A working man’s life in the 1940’s

    Peter hall

    I have been asked to write this little bit of history by my nephews David and Colin Hall, as my father was their grandfather. My story is written with great respect for the workmen of the past, and the conditions they worked under in our village. I am telling the story about my father and… Learn more

  • Goddards Quarry workers

    Goddards Quarry

    The picture is taken inside Goddards Quarry. The man in middle is Jerry Buckley (Jeremiah), the others left to right are George Hancock (Sousy), Alf Eidson, Thomas Hancock, Jerry Buckley, George Goddard (Judd or Kibbler), Arthur Goddard. Copywright Tony Mason   Learn more

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  • Limestone Quarrying


    Limestone has been quarried in Stoney Middleton dale for centuries, a principle industry and employer during the last century. Thousands of tons of rock have been removed to produce vital minerals and metals and to simply provide stone for construction.The village had many quarries along The Dale, spreading from Darlton quarry (opposite Lovers Leap Garage)… Learn more