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This is a private collection of postcards very kindly provided by David Turner. You can watch the complete Postcard Collection photo album below or view a selection of featured images and descriptions individually. Our picture collection is expected to grow with time as pictures are provided for digitisation and uploading.

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  • Former cottages on The Avenue

    The Avenue

    The cottages shown here have long since gone. They were just after the Moon Inn on the same side but have now been demolished, perhaps to facilitate widening the road. It would today be unimaginable to have the doorway directly onto the street as in the picture. Learn more

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  • Lead Workings

    Lwad Works

    The picture title states that it is a lead working in Middleton Dale. The location is not certain but considering the contour of the land it is thought to be where Furness quarry (now known as Horse Shoe Quarry) was later located, which is a few hundred yards past the turning for Eyam heading towards Tideswell. There are a number of constructions… Learn more

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  • Lovers Leap

    Lovers Leap

    The picture is taken on The Dale facing towards Eyam. It shows the Lovers Leap Inn in the centre when it was still a public house. Today there is a house immediately after on the right which wasn’t there at that time. The pub and the cottages in the foreground have changed very little. The road is unfinished… Learn more

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  • Middleton Lane

    Middleton Lane

    The picture is taken as you approach the village from Middleton Lane which is beyond the High Street. The view is easily recognisable and little changed except for the tarmaced road and the cows which in the picture are in the road coming uphill. Learn more

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  • The former Grouse Inn public house

    The Grouse Inn was located to the side of the Toll House opposite the Royal oak. It was also known as the Shoe and Slipper. It is remembered by locals as being a particularly lively pub with singing and dancing. The landlord was Joseph Blackwell as can be seen on the sign above the door, there was a… Learn more

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  • The former Royal Oak public house

    The Royal Oak

    This picture is taken from the middle of the village looking up The Dale towards Eyam, with Lovers Leap in the distance and the Toll house immediately behind the photographer. The pub was open until the mid 1900’s when it closed following a fire. The house on the right which stands proud of the others was knocked down to… Learn more

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