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  • A rather romantic description of Stoney Middleton from 1872

    In 1872 the ‘BLACKS TOURIST GUIDE TO DERBYSHIRE’ was published. He wrote at length about Stoney Middleton, stating: ‘The village is remarkably picturesque’ The full article has been reproduced below, all grammar and spelling have been left unchanged. STONEY MIDDLETON. Inns.—Moon ; Lover’s Leap ; Grouse ; Miners’ Arms. From Bakewell, 6 m. ; from Castleton, 10 m.… Learn more

  • New image found of the Toll House

    Toll House

    Rod Gillatt finds new image of the Toll House in clearance shop in Buxton The image provided by Rod Gillatt is interesting and differs from others. It shows two ladies stood outside the Grouse Inn probably taking a break from cooking. There is a wooden barrel of beer presumably just delivered and waiting to be rolled inside. There are also two traps… Learn more

  • Toll Bar Charges 1862

    Toll Bar Charges

    New toll charges issued in 1862. September 1862 saw new toll-bar-charge take effect at Stoney Middleton. All who passed through the village would have to pay a toll for the privilege of taking the road. Open the pdf above and look at the categories of charges, an indication of the traffic expected to be passing through the village… Learn more