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Not sure what to type into the Search for box or not getting the results you expect? Then read on.


  1. Search is case insensitive i.e. it does not care about upper or lower case. It will return the same results for the search terms pop , Pop and POP.
  2. Search terms that are enclosed by double quotation marks e.g. "stone age" will be treated as a single phrase and an exact match will be performed on that phrase.
  3. If double quotation marks are omitted, all the words in the search term will be matched individually.


  • The search term and will include words such as And, and, Andalucia, android, husband and dandy in the search results.
  • The search term "lead mine" will include phrases such as Lead Mine, lead miners and mislead miners in the search results but not lead ore or leading mine.
  • The search term lead mine (no double quotes) will include words such as lead, leader, pleading, mine, miners and histamine in the search results.