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  • A rather romantic description of Stoney Middleton from 1872

    In 1872 the ‘BLACKS TOURIST GUIDE TO DERBYSHIRE’ was published. He wrote at length about Stoney Middleton, stating: ‘The village is remarkably picturesque’ The full article has been reproduced below, all grammar and spelling have been left unchanged. STONEY MIDDLETON. Inns.—Moon ; Lover’s Leap ; Grouse ; Miners’ Arms. From Bakewell, 6 m. ; from Castleton, 10 m.… Learn more

  • Black Harry – highwayman

    Black Harry

    The desolate moorland crossing from Stoney Middleton to Wardlow offered rich pickings to Black Harry, a highwayman of the 18th century who preyed on the travellers of that time. Early travellers Back in the 17th and 18th centuries travellers really did take their lives into their own hands trying to navigate the perilous Derbyshire Peak… Learn more

  • Lovers Leap

    Lovers Leap

    The Lovers Leap is a story of Hannah Baddeley, a lady jilted by the love of her life leapt from the cliff tops in Stoney Middleton. Miraculously she survived with no more than cuts and bruises when her voluminous skirts billowed out and acted like a parachute slowing her fall. The building at the foot… Learn more

  • Lovers Leap

    Lovers Leap

    The picture is taken on The Dale facing towards Eyam. It shows the Lovers Leap Inn in the centre when it was still a public house. Today there is a house immediately after on the right which wasn’t there at that time. The pub and the cottages in the foreground have changed very little. The road is unfinished… Learn more

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  • Murder at the Moon Inn

    The Moon Inn pub Stoney Middleton

    The Moon Inn is the last remaining public house in the village of Stoney Middleton. It was home to the brutal murder of a Scottish pedlar during the eighteenth century. The landlord turned a blind eye whilst his murderers took his body away throwing it down nearby Calswalk cavern, where it lay undiscovered for 20years, and according to the locals both the… Learn more

  • Murder at the Moon Inn portrayed by local film group

    Peak in the past are a local community heritage group comprising a small collective of individuals with a shared passion for the Derbyshire Peak District and its past. Their aim is to celebrate, support and promote the Peak District National Park and its fascinating cultural heritage through the creation of an innovative historical documentary online… Learn more

  • The Murder of Allen and Clara

    Allen and Clara, were on their way to a new life in April 1758. Forbidden to marry by her father they had set off on horseback for Peak Forest (Derbyshire’s Gretna Green of the time). They stayed overnight at the Royal Oak in Stoney Middleton to rest before their final journey which they would never complete. Richly attired lovers Allen… Learn more

  • William Capps

    Westmorland style of wrestling

    William Capps lived in Stoney Middleton at the end of the 17th century, and was a master in a particular style of wrestling and particularly famed for the remarkable fact that he was never beaten. William Capps, gentleman of Stoney Middleton was born at the end of the 17th century. Little is known of the family’s history or where they… Learn more