This Ancestry section has been kindly provided by Glenn R. Trezza, Ph.D. Boston, Massachusetts, USA who has descended from the village. There is a question and answer forum provided below for anyone to use.

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  • A detective story with lots of helpful clues

    The study of Stoney Middleton genealogy is also a detective story. One must put together: parish register entries that start for Stoney in the early 1700s (the Stoney Middleton parish register is available (albeit with a few omissions) in a searchable CD-ROM compiled by Mrs. Valerie and the late Mr. Ivor Neal, and the originals… Learn more

  • A forum for discussion

    It is my hope that this genealogy sub-page on the Stoney Middleton Heritage Centre Community Group website will fill helpfully an online gap about Stoney Middleton family history that is not covered by websites elsewhere. The DERBYSGEN listserve allows researchers to discuss genealogy information, but does not focus on Stoney Middleton specifically. The websites of Ms. Lockie,… Learn more

  • A Working Village: Family History and the Industries of Stoney Middleton

    Stoney Middleton genealogy tells us much about the local history of the village as well, as one traces the professions of the locals over time. In the 1600s, most citizens were either farmers or involved in some way with the lead-mining trade.  In the 1700s, one starts to see more small business owners, such as… Learn more

  • An introduction to Family History & Genealogy

    By Glenn R. Trezza, Ph.D. Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2014 The following essay has been prepared both as a short chapter in the book on which I am working: The Hallams of Stoney Middleton and Related Families, and also to serve on the Stoney Middleton Village Heritage Centre Community Group website as an introduction to family… Learn more

  • Heginbotham’s family history

    Shoe being Hand Welted

    Joseph Heginbotham was a very important part of Stoney Middleton’s history. He stablished his family business in 1884 with his sons Luther, Mathew, William, and Harry the inventor of the steel toe cap boot originally made for miners in 1933. The family business had various factories in the village, including Craigstead (1896-97) a brick built factory on High… Learn more

  • Stoney Middleton and the wider world

    Despite the somewhat self-enclosed life of early Stoney Middleton, Stoney denizens have also gone on to have interactions with the much wider world. As early as the 1600s, a number of Stoney families sent sons to apprentice in Sheffield as cutlers (records of which are summarised by Mr. Eric Youle on his website).  Occasionally, some… Learn more

  • The best online resources for Stoney Middleton Genealogy

    The best and most professional website to assist with Stoney Middleton genealogy and local history is that of Ms. Rosemary R. Lockie, nee Goddard. Ms. Lockie maintains a genealogy site, and also a local history site, both of which cover extensively material related to the history and families of Stoney Middleton.  Ms.  Lockie’s materials include… Learn more

  • The Families of the 1700s – incomers who stayed

    A Century by Century Summary Guide The 1700s: Incomers  from Around Derbyshire Who Stayed The 1700s saw the arrival of a number of families from nearby communities who settled long-term branches in Stoney Middleton. The Baggaleys were a Calver family (originally apparently in service at Edensor to the Dukes of Devonshire before settling in Curbar… Learn more

  • The Families of the 1800s – incomers from across the UK and Ireland

    A Century by Century Summary Guide  The 1800s: Incomers from Across the UK and Ireland Hailing from Ireland, the Baileys, occasionally spelt as the Beeleys, came to Stoney Middleton in the 1800s to work in area factories.  They later married into the Hancock and Lomas families.  George Bailey was among Stoney Middletonite war dead in… Learn more

  • The Families of the late 1500s to the 1600s – founding families

    A Century by Century Summary Guide The late 1500s and the 1600s: Founding Families A note of disclosure: I am a direct descendant of the Cocker, Furness, Hallam, Mason, Moseley, Pidcock, Sellers, Siddall, and Swift lines from Stoney Middleton, and a descendant of a number of other local families from the Derwent and Hope Valleys. Not… Learn more