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  • Cave maps of Stoney Middleton Dale

    The caving systems in Stoney Middleton Dale are some of the most extensive in Derbyshire. This section contains various maps showing  the various routes. Each one can be downloaded by clicking on its link. The following links will open a PDF of maps showing the caving systems of Stoney Middleton Dale Drainage of the Stoney Middleton area… Learn more

  • Caves of Stoney Middleton

    Carlswalk Cavern

    As one leaves Stoney Middleton on the A623 there are a number of obvious entrances in the cliffs above the last houses and the Lovers Leap Garage. None are of any extent, except that one is a mined entrance and is blocked at an unfilled shaft to surface beyond which there may be extensive workings.… Learn more

  • Geology of Stoney Middleton

    Castle Rock Windy Butress

    The geology of Stoney Middleton Dale and its surroundings is fascinating, and it is the geological structure that has given the area its caves. At its most basic the White Peak is a roughly shaped dome of Carboniferous Limestone surrounded by younger carboniferous rocks, shale and gritstone belonging to what is often collectively called the… Learn more

  • Geology of Stoney Middleton Dale leaflet

    The Geology of Middleton Dale leaflet was produced by the Peak District National Park Authority. It is a very useful concise explanation about the geology of Stoney Middleton Dale, with an accompanying map of the dale, pictures and illustrations. Middleton Dale Geology Leaflet   Learn more

  • Mines of Stoney Middleton

    Good Luck Mine Stoney Middleton

    Lead mining has been carried out in the area for a very long time, possibly back to roman times or before. Thus the most obvious mines, the tall Fingal’s Cave on the Gin, may be very old indeed, for they follow what would have been the most obvious veins exposed in the cliffs. Only… Learn more

  • Swallets of Eyam Edge

    Swallet Hole Falls

    The story of the caves of Stoney Middleton Dale is not complete without a description of swallow holes, where all the water that flows through the caves goes underground. There are several obvious swallow holes, but others keep appearing. One was found recently in the garden of a house in Eyam, and is currently being… Learn more