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  • Goddards Quarry workers

    Goddards Quarry

    The picture is taken inside Goddards Quarry. The man in middle is Jerry Buckley (Jeremiah), the others left to right are George Hancock (Sousy), Alf Eidson, Thomas Hancock, Jerry Buckley, George Goddard (Judd or Kibbler), Arthur Goddard. Copywright Tony Mason   Learn more

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  • Lime Burning

    Lime Burning

    This picture is taken in Stoney Middleton Dale in the direction of Tideswell. The distinctive form of Castle Rock can be seen clearly in the centre of the picture. Castle Rock is opposite Rock mill Business Park which is the last building on the left when leaving the village. It clearly shows a large lime burning kiln roughly on the… Learn more

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  • New Image Hanging Flat Fluorspar Mine Stoney Middleton

    Village website prompts enthusiast to provide, not seen before image and brief story of former Tessadale Ltd mine. Adrian Foster contacted the heritage group looking for more information about the mine which had intrigued him. However, we had no information about this mine and are very grateful to him for the information. He came across… Learn more

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  • The Lords Cupola

    The Lords Cupola

    This picture is of the Lords Cupola. It stood on the site of the offices currently occupied by Hargreaves Roadstone Ltd in Stoney Middleton Dale. It is close to The Rock Mill Business Park site on the west side of the village heading towards Tideswell. The tall chimney provided the draft to create a high temperature in… Learn more

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  • Two of Laporte’s 5 tonne Clayton battery locomotives, with headlamps blazing, outside the Sallet Hole mine entrance on 5th July 1980

    Sallet Hole Mine

    The attached photograph kindly provided by Adrian foster provides an informative image of the railway system used to transport minerals from the mine.   Sallet Hole Mine is a 19th-century fluorspar mine in the centre of Coombs Dale, which closed in 1998. In our post “Fluorspar Production” we provide a link to an article “Fluorspar… Learn more

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