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  • Found – The long lost Bulls Head Hotel Stoney Middleton

    Mystery to the location of the Bulls Head Hotel Stoney Middleton solved thanks to old post card. The existence of the former Bulls Head is a documented fact (details at Wishful Thinking) , however, its location was until now unknown (at least to SMHCCG). The postcard was found online on the Word Point website by… Learn more

  • High Street

    High Street

    Taken looking down High Street from about half way up. The picture shows a young boy with a Carthorse, which as the name suggests were use for their strength, pulling carts or ploughs for farming. It looks as though the boy is either on his way to or from a days work presumably farming. Stoney Middleton has what… Learn more

  • High Street

    A painting by George Cunningham showing the High Street in the centre of the village. Learn more

  • Jacobs Ladder

    Jackobs Ladder

    The picture captures Jacobs Ladder as it once was. The path leads from the village to Eyam up a track found by following the road past the Bathhouse and the cemetery. It is an ancient pack horse trail and was probably cobbled, this is evidenced from the stones that still remain on the track. Learn more

  • Lovers Leap

    The picture features the most photogenic and romantically named ‘Lovers Leap’. The building was named after Hannah Baddeley, a lady jilted by the love of her life leapt from the cliff tops in Stoney Middleton. Miraculously she survived with no more than cuts and bruises when her voluminous skirts billowed out and acted like a… Learn more

  • New image found of the Toll House

    Toll House

    Rod Gillatt finds new image of the Toll House in clearance shop in Buxton The image provided by Rod Gillatt is interesting and differs from others. It shows two ladies stood outside the Grouse Inn probably taking a break from cooking. There is a wooden barrel of beer presumably just delivered and waiting to be rolled inside. There are also two traps… Learn more

  • Prisoner camp from WWII

    This picture has very kindly been provided by Lois Bekeris and is possibly the only picture of the camp in existence. The camp was originally established as a military encampment at the beginning of the war, manned, by the Lancashire Fusiliers before housing prisoners of war. The camp was built on land between Middleton Hall and Calver, now… Learn more

  • St Martins Church

    St Martins Church

    St. Martin’s church was built by Joan Eyre in the 15th Century in thanksgiving for the safe return of her husband from Agincourt (1415). It is a very unusual and beautiful building. The octagonal nave (the oldest of only two in Britain) is very interesting as all the pews face the centre of the church… Learn more

  • The Avenue

    The Avenue

    This is the main road through the village. It is taken close to the Moon Inn looking East towards Calver. The road has changed little over the years and the magnificent beach trees which line the road were as evident then as they are now. Perhaps the only difference the increase in traffic from the… Learn more

  • The Ball Inn

    The Ball Inn

    The picture shows the Ball Inn, a public house which was situated on The Dale at its junction with the turning for Eyam. It was demolished in 1921. There is little evidence of the Inn today, besides an empty space and one outbuilding which can be seen at the top right of the picture. The Inn is likely to have been… Learn more