Prisoner camp from WWII

This picture has very kindly been provided by Lois Bekeris and is possibly the only picture of the camp in existence.

The camp was originally established as a military encampment at the beginning of the war, manned, by the Lancashire Fusiliers before housing prisoners of war. The camp was built on land between Middleton Hall and Calver, now the Meadow Close development.

The buildings that housed the troops were typical Nissen huts, sadly nothing remains of the camp beyond this one photograph. (read the full story)



  • Angela Unwin (Nee- Bettney) says:

    We lived at 16 Meadow Close, we had a beech tree in the garden, there was some sort of wire with a metal disc attached to it, my dad said it was for the telephone wire to run through, for the camp.

  • colin says:

    This is most en lining
    I always thought the nerest pow camp was at lodgemore
    Sheffield . But now i know different thanks for that I’m formation

  • Kevan Cother.age 70 years born denman cresant Stoney Middleton says:

    The senior warrent officer at the pow camp was named Pat BEASLY
    and my aunt at that time used to go out with Pat .My aunt said that most of the Italian were nice and polite

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