St Martins Church

St Martins Church

St. Martin’s church was built by Joan Eyre in the 15th Century in thanksgiving for the safe return of her husband from Agincourt (1415). It is a very unusual and beautiful building. The octagonal nave (the oldest of only two in Britain) is very interesting as all the pews face the centre of the church focusing the attention of visitors to the middle of the church, rather than the front, creating an intimate feeling, unique to this style of church (see picture of ceiling above).

The church as we see it now was built in 1759 on the spot where the previous, more traditionally shaped church stood, having been destroyed by fire in 1759. [read full story]


This postcard was kindly donated by Paul Harrison of Sheffield. It is one of a collection that he provided from the home of his late Aunt. Related to the Hallam family originally from Stoney Middleton his aunt had collected many old documents from her families past.


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