Village and Surrounds

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  • The Bank

    The Bank

    This picture is taken on The Bank looking down towards The Nook. It must have been a cold day due to the amount of smoke coming out of all the chimneys, it is easy to imagine how smoky it would have felt on the streets. It would appear the time predates the motor car when a horse and trap was the normal… Learn more

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  • The Moon Inn

    Moon Inn

    This picture is one of the best pictures of The Moon Inn. The building with the cart outside no longer exists and now forms part of the pubs carpark. It was the stables when the pub served as a coaching in. The cart has large sacks and would appear to have been parked for the… Learn more

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  • The Nook

    The Nook

    Immediacy adjacent to the St Martins Church is a picturesque area known as The Nook, the area remains unchanged and can easily be recognised today This postcard was kindly donated by Paul Harrison of Sheffield. It is one of a collection that he provided from the home of his late Aunt. Related to the Hallam… Learn more

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  • Veranda Cottages

    Veranda Cottages

    A rare view from The Avenue (Main Road) looking towards the High Street with the butches and Corn Cross in the centre. The cottages to the left have long since gone as to the stables (by the cart) which at first glance looks like The Moon Inn, especially with the sign on the wall. The… Learn more

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  • View from Cliff Bottom

    Cliff Bottom is a small lane leading to Eyam, located above the Toll House. The picture provides a lofty view down to the The Dale, being the main road through the village. Their are a number building which are no longer there, including. The building next the butches, the stable and Veranda cottage which stood next to the Moon. Postcard kindly provided… Learn more

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