The Bank

The Bank

This picture is taken on The Bank looking down towards The Nook. It must have been a cold day due to the amount of smoke coming out of all the chimneys, it is easy to imagine how smoky it would have felt on the streets. It would appear the time predates the motor car when a horse and trap was the normal mode of transport, the trap in the foreground is a nice example of such transport.


  • marcus beckett says:

    the white house was my great grandfathers home in the late 1800s
    his son george jackson and daughter ada jackson worked in the bootmaking industry, their brother clifford jackson is remembered on stony middleton war memorial

    • duncan payne says:

      If it is the same George Jackson (he had three brothers – Hoseph, Thomas and Henry, bootmakers one and all) he played for Stoney Middleton at football. He was the first player ever to score a goal in the Derbyshire FA Senior Challenge Cup, a competition which still runs today.

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