New Image Hanging Flat Fluorspar Mine Stoney Middleton

Village website prompts enthusiast to provide, not seen before image and brief story of former Tessadale Ltd mine.

Adrian Foster contacted the heritage group looking for more information about the mine which had intrigued him. However, we had no information about this mine and are very grateful to him for the information.

He came across it in June 1980 whilst in the area with two colleagues. His interest in this mine was in the narrow gauge railway on the surface, albeit a very short one upon which a solitary skip was used.

He describes it as being at at the side of the A623 road in Middleton Dale, just west of Stoney Middleton and provides the Grid Reference as SK 206761.

The notes he made at the time proclaimed it to be Tessadale Ltd, Hanging Flat Fluorspar Mine, which was about twenty five years old and employed five workmen. He informs us that there was an adit at the rear of the hut where the line ran into the hillside. He also took and has kindly provided the attached picture.

A fascinating insight for which we and endless others will be grateful. Thank you to Adrian and to Geoff Hankin who spotted it in the first place as they drove past.

If any reader knows more, please let us know for our records and to pass on to Adrian.

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