Indenture document of John Hallam

The Indenture document was made on the 18th August 1851. It commits John Hallam to an apprenticeship in needle making

The  indenture document can be seen in more detail

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  • Glenn Trezza says:

    Colin, thanks for publishing this. John Hallam 1835-1907, my colorful, difficult, restless great-great-grandfather, is the reason I’m a Stoney Middleton descendant. He lived later in life at Brightside in Sheffield, then at Butterthwaite in Ecclesfield, and later still in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, and then again at the end of his life in Ecclesfield with his only surviving daughter’s family. This indenture document, to give credit where credit was due, was passed down from John’s daughter, my great-great-auntie, Clara Ann Hallam Johnson (1857-1934) to her 2nd surviving son George Farewell “Boy” Johnson (1886-1963), and from him to his only child, my late, wonderful cousin, Mrs Mary Johnson Bulmer of Ecclesfield, South Yorkshire (1924-2015). I think I may have been the first American ever to see this document live, in 1984, when Mary first showed it to me. Mary’s cousin on her Mum’s side, Mr. Phil Harrison, provided same for’s website. My late cousin was a remarkable woman, a local lady who traveled the world and had a prodigious memory. She was the first person ever to take me to Stoney Middleton, when I was a university student who didn’t even yet know how to drive and was really the person who educated me about my Stoney Middleton roots. I welcome the chance to pay public tribute to her, and to another Hallam cousin of mine, Mrs. Muriel Hallam Onac (1924-2015) of Grindleford, up the road from Stoney. Mrs. Onac was a teacher, and the matriarch of a multicultural brood of remarkably talented and accomplished chldren and grandchildren. She was ever a gracious hostess to me in England and also someone with wonderful memories, who has aided my genealogical research in multiple ways and fostered my connection to Stoney. I wish you could have taped their stories, and I regret that I was unable to. We owe a debt to remarkable elders like these and like Mr. R. John Hancock of Castlegate Stud Farm and Butcher Shop, who have done so much to preserve our heritage. Cordially, Glenn T.

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