Heginbotham Bros Ltd payment of invoice covering letter

This original letter was provided to our group for inclusion in our archive and is in excellent condition. The letter is addressed to William Barker & Sons Ltd who were Tanners and Curriers which was one of the oldest industries in Otley. They were founded about 1845

Heginbotham Bros letter

The letter provides a number interesting pieces of information. The first point is that it demonstrates that the company was established in 1884. He next point of interest is the telephone number for the company (top left) which states “TELEPHONE 17 GRINDLEFORD”, presumably they were the 17th connection to be made on the Grindleford exchange which is an indication to how scarce phone were in 1941.

Another point is the stamp (top right) requesting deliver by train to Grindleford station L.M & S stands for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway, a British railway company formed on 1 January 1923.


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