Angus family visit Stoney Middleton

Search for ancestors ends in St Martins cemetery Stoney Middleton. The 25th July 2015 proved to be a very special day in Stoney Middleton. The Angus family from Westport, Connecticut USA with the help of the heritage website came to the village to see the ancestral home of their family.

Following a successful hunt around the village cemetery where they found the graves of a number of their ancestors they called into the Moon Inn to say hello. Little did anyone suspect what an amazing evening would follow. They were welcomed with open arms by locals, some of whom shared their ancestral past. Chairs were quickly pulled up as they were invited to share a meal with what had already become friends (and family!).

The wine flowed as easily as the stories that were exchanged, each group as fascinated as the other to learn more about each other. Alison Angus said.

This entire trip has been such an exciting adventure, and so pleased that my family was able to experience the feeling of really finding their roots. Amazing new cousins, new friends, and new homeland.

The meal ended, but the night had only just begun. Drew Angus (one of three sons) transpired to be a very talented singer, and after a little persuasion had the entire pub captivated as he provided 2 hours of wonderful music.

The night proved to be a very enjoyable experience for the Angus family and locals alike, and proves what a powerful connection there is between us and our roots. It is also testimony to the heritage website that provides important information to people all over the world. The Angus family were treated like long lost friends and will always be welcome in their new home. Following the evening’s experience Drew posted the following comment on facebook.

Tonight was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I met a new cousin, saw the grave sites of my 5th, 6th, and 7th great grandparents in Stoney Middleton, England, and then got convinced to play a two hour gig in a pub that was at one time owned by one of my great grandfathers. Tonight will go down in history for multiple parties involved.

Drew is a talented singer who has been performing professionally in America for a number of years and is surely destined to be very successful. Listen to a sample of his music below.

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