Kids get their say

The Schools and colleges project officer working for Venture Matrix at Hallam University has completed her arrangements for the schools project, this includes children from Stoney Middleton School, along with those from two other schools in Rotherham.

The children will take an informative walk around the village on Monday 24th November, and additionally will be provided with detailed information about the village’s interests and heritage. They will then work with students to develop their ideas for promoting the village to other children.

Their ideas will then be worked through to fruition, taking account of all aspects of the process including design, viability, production, costs etc.

This is a great opportunity to help children understand and appreciate the heritage of the village, whilst developing practical ideas in a real world environment.

The result of their work will be presented at an Enterprise Challenge day, to be held on Monday 1st December at Sheffield Hallam University. It will be a very enjoyable and proud day for the children and the village, and anyone wishing to attend will be welcome.


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