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  • Art in Stoney Middleton

    Painting by Tomas Peters

    Views of Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire have been the subject matter for numerous paintings since the 18th century. Images of the Dale and St. Martin’s Church in particular have been extensively reproduced and appear on many local postcards. Depictions of lime burning and quarrying have also been the subject matter of a number of art works… Learn more

  • Boot and shoe makers strike to be commemorated at a community event

    Strikers marching

    Event announcement The Boot and shoe makers strike of 100 years ago is to be commemorated at a community event in Stoney Middleton on Saturday 14th April 2018. We invite people to join us at 10.30 am outside the Wesleyan reform Chapel in Stoney. A parade will set off at 10.45, led by a silver… Learn more

  • Construction Starts on New Visitor Centre

    Residents of Stoney Middleton – we would really like to hear your views on what it’s like living in Stoney Middleton. What makes it special? Which stories do you tell visitors? We have a few questions and it’s an opportunity to get involved in the development of the new visitor centre planned for The Cupola.… Learn more

  • Harry Epworth Allen

    Epworth Allen was from Hunter’s Bar, Sheffield and was awarded the Military Medal in World War I. He lost a leg in 1917. After the war he returned to the steel industry where he remained until he was made redundant in 1931, thereafter he relied upon his painting to support his  living until his death… Learn more

  • Heritage trail boards in place

    Village trail boards

    Volunteers complete installation of last heritage trail board. The nine boards have been located in strategic places around the village, each containing specific information about its location. They have proven to be very popular with both local people and visitors alike. The boards were designed and erected by SMHCCG volunteers, but funded by British Fluorspar… Learn more

  • Margaret Edith Holt Woolley (nee Lennon)

    Edith was the sister of William Lennon ,founder of Wm Lennon & Co Ltd bootmakers in Stoney Middleton. This is an account of her life after leaving England for America written by her great niece. When my mother Charlotte (youngest daughter of William Lennon) died at the age of 103 in 2011, I had the duty… Learn more

  • New book features Stoney Middleton

    Local author adds further to the long list of books featuring Stoney Middleton Genna Rowbotham is an accomplished author of children’s books, her latest, due for publication on the 17th of March 2022, is entitled ‘The Wish Fairy of Stoney Middleton’. The story is about a girl called Jessie who is still heartbroken one year… Learn more

  • Stoney Middleton’s Dark Past

    Guest writer K.B. GODDARD takes a look at one of England’s most spooky villages, Stoney Middleton in the Derbyshire Dales. The following story about the village appears on the website of spookyisles.com K B Goddard lives locally and is a published author or ghost stories (see her publications). This short story encapsulates the village perfectly. Thank you.  … Learn more