Stoney Middleton Heritage

Stoney Middleton Heritage

Stoney Middleton is a quaint English village set in the beautiful limestone country of the Peak District National Park. It has a long and colourful history that has left us with a rich heritage.

Stoney Middleton Heritage is a community project whose aim is to document all aspects of village life both past and present. We wish to preserve this knowledge for the benefit of current and future generations.

Stoney Middleton Heritage would like to share the results of its research with you. All are welcome to contribute, volunteer or simply leave a comment.

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At their feet fell the precipice where the limestone was quarried away. Below was a jumble of hills and tiny villages—Mattock, Ambergate, Stoney Middleton.

D. H. Lawrence in Sons and Lovers, 1913

Stoney Middleton was first settled by Ancient Britons around 4,000 BC who may have been drawn by the thermal waters which still flow through the village today.

The thermal springs provided water to the Roman bath house, where bathing in the mineral rich water was thought to have the power to heal.

The Romans established lead mining and lead smelting in Middleton Dale. Other important industrial activities were introduced at a later date such as limestone quarrying, mineral extraction and heavy duty boot manufacturing.

During WWII Stoney Middleton’s quarries were bombed by the Luftwaffe in an attempt to disrupt production of tarmac. There was a prisoner of war camp in the village (listen as an Italian PoW tells his story).

We at Stoney Middleton Heritage think you would be hard pressed to find another village so steeped in history.

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Our village has some beautiful listed buildings such as St. Martin’s church, the Bathhouse and the locally famous octagonal Toll House.

We have legends and folklore aplenty including Black Harry the highwayman, a murder at the Old Moon Inn and a jilted lover who survived her cliff top leap.

In 1665 our villagers aided their quarantined neighbours in the plague village of Eyam by providing food and supplies.

The inventor of the steel toe cap boot lived in Stoney Middleton, the village was an important centre for the manufacture of safety boots.

Each year we perform the ancient tradition of well dressing as thanksgiving for our thermal springs.

Stoney Middleton Heritage has established signposted trails around the village so you can explore lots more of our heritage and history.

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You’ll find plenty to see and do in and around Stoney Middleton. Activities range from short heritage trails around the village, to more energetic pursuits like mountain biking.

Those looking for longer Peak District walks should try a hike up Coombs Dale which is home to a wide range of rare plants and animals.

Visit the lagoons on Stoney Middleton moor where you can watch rare birds. It is one of the best places in the country to witness huge flocks of starlings performing their spectacular aerial acrobatics.

Middleton Dale is well known for its caving and rock climbing opportunities. The village is a centre for outdoor pursuits training, so if you feel the urge to learn a new skill we can cater for that too.

Stoney Middleton Heritage hopes that you will come and pay us a visit soon.

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