The Goddards

The Goodards

Copyright Tony Mason

Left to right – George Robert Goddard – Laura Nall nee Goddard – John Henry Goddard and seated is Bertha Fox nee Goddard – Rosa Bites mother.



  • Michelle Richardson says:

    George was my great grandad, his daughter Ellen was my gran!

  • Tina Marshall says:

    we are related lol My 4x Great Aunt is Maria Goddard nee Bamford her brother William is my 3x Great Grandfather x

  • Judith Weston nee Hancock says:

    Hi Mitchell, your great Grandad was my uncle George and aunt Martha. l used to go and visit them with my mum and dad every Sunday when l was little. my dad worked for uncle George as blast man in the quarry. there daughter Helen and son Billie also had children, Helen had a daughter called Margaret and Billie had a daughter called Rosemary, my parents were Jack and Mary Hancock.

    • Glenn Robert Trezza says:

      Hi, Ms. Weston, yes, all correct. Helen Goddard was baptised, I believe, as “Ellen” in 1914, but went by Helen, as did one of my mother’s grandmothers. Helen married Arthur White, and I believe that their daughter Margaret was their only child, so I presume she became the Mum of Ms. Richardson with whom you’ve corresponded above. All distant cousins of mine, and Rosemary has been a very good friend of mine for decades and a wonderful mentor in genealogy and local history to me and to many others. We are all in her debt for the history she’s preserved. My best wishes to you and your family, Glenn T.

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