Gladys Barker – Stoney Middleton resident

Calver Mill

Gladys Barker originally from Sheffield moved to Stoney Middleton 59 years ago and gives an interesting account of the village and particularly of Calver Mill. During Gladys’s time the mill was a stainless steel factory making sinks and other similar pressed stainless steel products.

Part 1

Part 2

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  • Bridie Hemingway says:

    How fabulous, thank you so much Gladis. I’ll never, ever forget a tale my Nan, Florence Cother nee Wilkinson used to tell me about her and my Grandad, Reg, walking home to Stoney from a dance at Eyam. My Grandad popped up into the woods to relieve himself and moments later he reappeared running, he grabbed my Nan by the arm and told her not to stop as whatever it was wasn’t human. They did’t stop running ’til they reached the Toll Bar. Apparently, that was the only description that he ever gave.
    I also felt uncomfortable walking to Stocking Farm where we used to camp in the 80’s whilst visiting family but I never actually remember seeing anything, there was just a feeling.

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