Lois Bekeris

Lois Bekeris (nee Hall) is a lifelong resident of Stoney Middleton, born in one of the Cottages on High Street, opposite the school, home to the first boot factory in the village.

Lois married Janis Bekeris, a Latvian man who was housed in the ex prisoner of war camp in the village as a displaced person after the war. In part one Lois tells us about her early memories living at Rock Haven the last house in The Dale at the time, located next to the former Paint Mill (next to Rock Mill Business Park).  It had no running water, electricity or a flushing toilet, yet it was a home with many fond memories, sadly now demolished.

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  • Bridie Hemingway says:

    How utterly fantastic, many, many thanks. I laughed and cried as I heard many names that were so familiar after listening to my late Great Auntie Doris Jenkinson (nee Cother) and Uncle George talking about days gone gone by. A really interesting insight into village life through the years. I will be listening to them all again as there are always certain things you don’t pick up on the first time around but I thoroughly enjoyed listening. Thanks again!

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