Toll House

The Toll House

Stoney Middleton’s High Street must be the steepest High Street in the country and was the only route through the village before a road was blasted through Middleton Dale in 1830. In 1840 William Morton of Froggatt a stonemason, and George Buxton a joiner of Stoney Middleton built the Toll House for £144.00 to charge for the use of the road. Its octagonal shape was designed to match the village church whilst its intended second floor had to be omitted due to lack of funds.


It is the only grade II listed chip shop in the country, opened in 1926 by Herbert Ford before being purchased in 1944 by Elenor Hall who ran it until 1970; She replaced the original coal fuelled fryer for gas and closed off the roadside doorway moving it to its current side location.

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