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  • Ken and Betty Orange

    Lifelong residents of Stoney Middleton Ken and Betty provide us with a unique insight into village life from the second world war onwards. Recorded in 2014 Ken provides us with an in-depth understanding of the mineral processing activities which were at the very heart of the village for hundreds of years. His time at Cavendish Mill at the top of… Learn more

  • Stoney Middleton Moor by Richard Bowring

    Local photographer and village resident Richard Bowring once aging provides some stunning imagery of the village and its surrounds. Here he takes his drone for an aerial trip around the moors to the South West of the village. the footage and accompanying music provide a peaceful insight into the amazing natural beauty of the National Park surrounding… Learn more

  • Rock Climbing Legend Tells Full Story

    Geoff Birtles

    Rock climbing legend Geoff Birtles has successfully published and edited many climbing publications and was a pioneer and motivating force behind many new routes in the Peak District and specifically Stoney Middleton. He has just completed the Storey of rock climbing in Stoney Middleton for the village Heritage Group. The village is immensely grateful to… Learn more

  • History of the Village of Stoney Middleton by Thomas E Cowen 1910

    Stoney Middleton – A romantic village and notable tourist destination according to Cowen in his book of 1910. Resident schoolmaster Cowen provides a invaluable insight, not to mention important collection of facts and information. He writes: ‘Stoney Middleton is not likely to be a place for trade, but for many reasons it may be a place to visit,… Learn more

  • A rather romantic description of Stoney Middleton from 1872

    In 1872 the ‘BLACKS TOURIST GUIDE TO DERBYSHIRE’ was published. He wrote at length about Stoney Middleton, stating: ‘The village is remarkably picturesque’ The full article has been reproduced below, all grammar and spelling have been left unchanged. STONEY MIDDLETON. Inns.—Moon ; Lover’s Leap ; Grouse ; Miners’ Arms. From Bakewell, 6 m. ; from Castleton, 10 m.… Learn more

  • History Comes Alive In Derbyshire Villages

    Parade April 2018

    Eyam and Stoney Middleton were alive with the sounds of a silver band, singing, and dramatic voices as local people commemorated the 100th anniversary of the boot and shoemakers strike of 1918. Parade April 2018 A lively ‘re-enactment’ captured the passion of the bitter dispute, which lasted for over 2 years. Children from Eyam School… Learn more

  • Derbyshire’s link to the most famous WW2 Battle of Britain fighter squadron

    Flt Lt Bieńkowski and Sqn Ldr Zumbach with their prized Ju 88 trophy

    The bombing of the Tarmac plant at Dalton quarry during WWII was witnessed by local people in the village and their recollections are to be found elsewhere on this website. However, little was known about the details raid until now. We are indeed indebted to the meticulous work of Frank Pleszak who has researched the… Learn more

  • An unmissable event is to take place on Saturday the 14th April!!

    Years of planning and months of preparation have gone into this ‘once in a 100’ year event. Please come along, share this post and tell everyone you know. 100 years ago, Stoney Middleton and Eyam made history when the boot and shoemakers (a major industry at the time) took part in one of the longest… Learn more

  • Bath House clean for village film shots

    Ladies bath receives a good spruce up in preparation for final section of the village heritage film. The floor of the bath was hooved with a special pool cleaning devise, the revealed marble floor never fails to delight. The grid allowing the water to flow in occasionally providing a flurry of air bubbles not dissimilar… Learn more

  • Boot and shoe makers strike to be commemorated at a community event

    Strikers marching

    Event announcement The Boot and shoe makers strike of 100 years ago is to be commemorated at a community event in Stoney Middleton on Saturday 14th April 2018. We invite people to join us at 10.30 am outside the Wesleyan reform Chapel in Stoney. A parade will set off at 10.45, led by a silver… Learn more