VE Day Celebrations

VE Day Celebrations

This picture is taken outside the former Grouse Inn during the 1945 VE Day Celebration (victory in Europe WWII).
The sign above the pub shows that the licence at this time was Alfred Edwin Hancock . The sign to its side advertises music, dancing and singing, upholding the opinion of village elders who remember the pub all commented on the pubs reputation for singing.

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  • Angela Unwin (nee Bettney) says:

    Emma Bettney (nee Robinson) Right hand side, (Behind the third girl (from the right) standing, next to the lady in glasses.)

  • Bridie Hemingway says:

    The tall lady, second from the left with the spotty/ floral dress is Mrs Richardson. The girl with the dark hair, just to the left and behind Mrs Richardson is my Great Auntie Doris Jenkinson nee Cother born 1926. The lady directly to the left of Mrs Richardson is my 2x’s great Aunt Doll (Doris) Middleton nee Ward born 1905 and the lady to the left of Doll with her hand on Doll’s shoulder, is my Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Cother nee Ward born 1900. I am also informed that one of the blonde haired girls to the left of the afore mentioned, is Doll’s daughter Brenda Middleton but sadly, I can only guess as to which one she is.

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