A new village book – ‘Tales from Stoney Middleton’

Graham Armitage, author of the recent Discover Stoney Middleton ‘The History of a forgotten Village’ is working on his next offering, this time it’s all about you!

He is asking for your contributions; they must either be about the village or from its residents. Fiction and non-fiction are welcome as are children’s stories (for them or by them), poetry and art.

If anyone is worried that their literary skills are not up to the task, don’t worry, they will get a light edit for spelling and grammatical errors but really you do not have to be Shakespeare – it is the authentic voice that Graham is seeking.

Graham says that “the intention is to promote the village and to highlight the talent that we do undoubtably have. As in the past we do need to persuade people that their lives, stories and imaginations are much more interesting than they think they are. So come on, what would you like to say?”

Upload your information to this website or simply send a message and arrangements can be made to post, collect or other obtain your material. We all look forward to your contribution.


  • Libs Slattery says:

    My Dad could fill his own book with nearly 80 years of Stoney memories, tales & antics!! Our family is 4th (& maybe more) generation Stoney born & bred.

  • Colin Hall says:

    Just received the first order for the book.
    Cheques need making out to Stony Middleton Heritage Centre Community Group please.

  • Gary Bond says:

    The date today is February 23rd 2021 and I have just found this site. Is this book still available?
    For the past 30 years I have lived in Canada,still do, but am a Stoney lad and would love to get hold of a copy.

    • Bryan bond says:

      Hi Gary wondered if we are related as I am a Stoney Lad now living in Grindleford My Dad was George, and his brother was Frank. I lived at No1 Deman Crescent. Regards Bryan

      • Gary Bond says:

        Hi Bryan. Yes we are indeed related. Frank was my dad,although I never knew him of course as he died when I was only 3.
        Granny Bond and Aunty Marjorie lived at number 18 ? Denman crescent.

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