Lost love of Rowland Torre and Emmott Sydall

Emmott Sydall and Rowland Torre

A story of heartbreak concerning Emmott Sydall and Rowland Torre, separated from one another when the village of Eyam quarantined itself during an outbreak of the Plague, meeting daily at a distance they would shout to eachother until one day when all fell silent.

Cucklett Delf is a picturesque dale between the village of Eyam and Stoney Middleton and represents a story of heartbreak concerning Emmott Sydall and Rowland Torre. Emmott was a young girl of about twenty two who was betrothed to Rowland Torre from Stoney Middleton. Emmott lived in a cottage across from Mary Cooper’s house where the Plague started. Her father John Syddall and four of her siblings were among the first victims of the disease.

At first Rowland would visit Emmott in the village, but when they realised this was too dangerous, the lovers would arrange to meet secretly but at a distance minimalizing any risk of Rowland catching the disease. It is suggested that the two would only have looked at each other from a distance, and in silence, lest their plan should be discovered.  When Emmott stopped appearing towards the end of April 1666, Rowland continued to go to their meeting place, with hope that against all odds, she might still show up. He was one of the first people to re-enter the village when it was pronounced safe towards the end of 1666, but was soon told the worst; Emmott Syddall had died in the April.


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