Heritage Trails of Stoney Middleton

Heritage trails of Stoney Middleton map

The heritage trails of Stoney Middleton will lead you on a remarkable journey of discovery.

Two short walks in and around the village. taking in all its rich and fascinating heritage. Quaint back streets, listed buildings, old cottages, famous crags and caves, as well as panoramic vistas of the stunning Peak District National Park, past industries, fascinating folklore and legends all making these trails a must to do.

Heritage Trails of Stoney Middleton Map and Guide

The Heritage Trail Guide and Heritage Trail Map are available to download, or can be picked up from Bakewell Visitor Centre, the Moon Inn, and the Grove Gardens (in the village behind the chip shop). There are two trails which can be undertaken, separately or combined into one walk. The maps also provide information about the various points of interest around the trails. Alternatively you can take the trails using the information boards located at various points around the route; each board has a map to show where you are and where to go next, they also contain information on all the points of interest.

St Martins Church in the centre of the village
St Martins Church in the centre of the village

Heritage Trail Details

Following the heritage trails of Stoney Middleton is a journey of discovery taking you back in time, connecting you to the varied industrial activities which have shaped the village over the centuries. You will discover a dramatic limestone gorge with its towering rock faces, at one time said to be some the hardest rock climbs in the world, whilst at their foot one of the most extensive cave systems in Derbyshire. From the quiet backwaters of the village backstreets, home to beautiful and unusual listed buildings, through a former limestone quarry, on past stunning views of the Peak District countryside, descending down the steepest high street in Britain, passing the haunted home of the Murder at the Old Moon Inn, arriving back in the village to reflect on one of the most informative interesting short walks in Derbyshire.

Take a video trail.

You can now take the village trails virtually. The trails have been made into a professionally presented film featuring local people who tell the story. click on the link below, and remember to watch in full screen by clicking the full screen icon at the botom right corner of the vido.


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