Mountain Biking in and around Stoney Middleton

Track to Eyam from Stoney Middleton

The trails in and around Stoney Middleton are all suitable for mountain bikes. The routes are steep in places and would therefore offer some challenges. They are quiet and traffic free, and offer some excellent scenery of the National Park.


Here is a good mountain bike circuit around Stoney Middleton provided by A Taste of the Peak District


Park at the big layby at the Manchester end of Stoney.

  1. Cycle back into the village and turn left opposite the Moon pub
  2. Turn immediately sharp left and steeply upwards, past a farm and along a bridleway, initially across a field then walkled into Eyam
  3. Take the road past Mompesson’s well, turning left up the limestone track to the top of Sir William Hill (collapse in a sweaty heap).
  4. Enjoy the view and then go downhill, taking the right hand turn down a track to Nether Bretton and Bretton a few yards after joining a minor road. There is an easy line or a rocky line down this track
  5. Turn right at the pub and descend steeply (and swiftly if you dare) into Foolow, turn left then first right opposite the pub, followed by a right fork to bring you to the A623
  6. Turn right and after a short distance turn left up a minor road. Geologists note the exposure of a reef knoll in the small roadside quarry. Ignore the first left, keep going uphill until you come to a fork, the left hand branch of which is a wide quarry road. It is more or less downhill from here.
  7. Follow it round a settling pool from the mineral works, through Rough Side and Coombs Dale back to the A623. Coombs Dale appears to be a bridle path on my map but it is only signposted as a footpath. Turn left back through Stoney and to your starting point.

This route would probably be suitable for inexperienced riders, although it is rocky in places. If you are not in a hurry it is not too bad technically. The ascent to the top of William Hill from Eyam is strenuous and the loose surface needs care if you are not used to riding such surfaces, easily walked if necessary.


Disclaimer (probably not really necessary but just in case …). These routes are suggestions only and should not be used in this form for navigation. It is up to your party to decide whether a route is suitable or not and to make sure that you are properly equipped. Navigation is also the responsibility of your party. We cannot accept any liability for injuries or other mishaps.

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