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It is my hope that this genealogy sub-page on the Stoney Middleton Heritage Centre Community Group website will fill helpfully an online gap about Stoney Middleton family history that is not covered by websites elsewhere. The DERBYSGEN listserve allows researchers to discuss genealogy information, but does not focus on Stoney Middleton specifically.

The websites of Ms. Lockie, Ms. Ward, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Spencer, and Mr. Youle are wonderful presenters of relevant historical and genealogical information, but none have a real forum for asking questions or sharing information directly, and none completely specialize in Stoney Middleton (though Ms. Lockie’s sites certainly come closest to same).

So perhaps this subpage of the SMHCCG website will serve as a space for questions and educated discussion.  Remember there are no bad questions, but some answers are bound to be more accurate than others, and that is the way of research.


  • Richard Coates says:

    I am researching Anthony Beeley (lived in Stoney Middleton and died in 1800) and his family. Anthony was my 5th Great-grandfather through his son Joshua (1755-1832), his daughter Nancy (1797-1858) became Bradshaw and moved to Eyam, her daughter Ann (1832-1898) became Dawson, her son Harry (1870-1940) and his daughter Doris (1908-1998) became Coates, my mother. Any information about Anthony’s parents, siblings and children would be most welcome. Best regards. Richard Coates

  • Glenn Trezza says:

    Dear Mr. Coates,
    Anthony Beeley was from Snitterton near Darley Dale and per the research of Janet Kirk nee Hancock (please credit her in any write up your doing as she’s the one who’s originally done this work), was the son of John Beeley and Dorothy Gorton and had siblings called Lydia and Thomas. Anthony came to Stoney upon his marriage to Martha Thornhill, probably the daughter of Joshua Thornhill of Stoney Middleton by the latter’s wife Mary Fletcher (Martha’s baptism is missing, but she may actually be the “Mary” Thornhill baptised at Stoney in 1732–there’s no burial for this child, and Joshua and Mary Fletcher) Thornhill clearly had a daughter called Mary baptised at Stoney in 1741 (I’m the first source that I know of for this supposition–footnoting me appreciated :). Joshua Thornhill is probably the source of the name of Joshua Beeley, his grandson, and Joshua and Mary (Fletcher) Thornhill are the only Thornhills with the name Joshua in the immediate family who were having children in the 1730s/1740s, so Martha is most likely their child.

    Anthony and Martha (Thornhill) Beeley had at least the following children: Joshua, Thomas, John (died young), Nancy, Alice, Martha, and a second John, plus, probably a daughter Dorothy Beeley (named for her paternal grandmother Dorothy (Gorton) Beeley), whose baptism was not recorded, but who was the ancestor of the Buxton family at Stoney.

    Hope this is helpful, Best wishes, your distant cousin,
    Glenn T.

  • Richard Coates says:

    Dear Glenn
    Thank you – most informative. I have notes from various 19th Century relatives who were much exercised by the February 1764 will of Thomas Gorton (I had been reading the handwritten notes as ‘Garston’), stating that he left 2/4 of his money to the children of his brother-in-law (sic) John and Dorothy Beeley and apparently naming them as Thomas and Anthony, their sons, and Lydia Fletcher and Alice Potter, daughters. Anthony also got the house and contents, and Thomas a pair of silver buckles. It states that (in 1764) Anthony Beeley was “of Stoney Middleton”.
    Do you have any knowledge of Thomas Gorton, who appears to have been quite a rich man? Also, do you have Anthony’s DoB and date of marriage to Martha?
    Your ‘cousen’ (as many of my old letters say!)

  • Glenn Trezza says:

    Hi, Richard,
    like so many of Stoney M. descent we literally are “cousins” (in the modern sense of the word), albeit distantly. We’re both Thornhill and Hallam descendants, so related that way. Anthony Beeley (the name Anthony comes from the Gorton side, by the way, per the Darley Dale parish register) was baptised 2 Dec., 1731 at Darley Dale (per the parish register). . He married Martha Thornhill at Bakewell (par reg) on 14 August 1752 (he was “of Snitterton”, she “of Stoney Middleton”). About Thomas Gorton, I don’t know much, but he was bpt at Darley Dale (PR) on 3 Dec., 1682, son of Anthony Gorton (apparently of the hamlet of Okerside). Dorothy Gorton, later Mrs. John Beeley, was baptised at Darley Dale (PR, aka parish register) on 20 Jan’ry, 1687/8, also child of Anthony Gorton. I didn’t know about Dorothy’s daughter Lydia Beeley marriage to a Fletcher or daughter Alice Beeley Potter’s existence at all, so that’s new info for me and for my/our cousin Mrs. Kirk, and thank you (and I write about it all, you’ll be credited as the source of same via Thomas’s will). Hope the above is helpful. Best, Glenn T.

  • Richard Coates says:

    Thanks again. This is beginning to fill in some gaps, but I am still wondering how/why Thomas Gorton was a relatively rich man with a house and silver buckles, but presumably no offspring of his own to leave them to. He appears not to be the owner of Snitterton Hall, but maybe owned a nearby house or farm.
    Do you live in Derbyshire, or are you or your family emigres? Trezza is not a traditional Derbyshire name, I think?
    Best regards

  • Glenn Trezza says:

    Hi, Richard, wish I could be more help about Thomas Gorton, but Darley families are not really my area of expertise beyond my interest in the Beeleys, so don’t know any more about him, I’m afraid. As I noted somewhere in my essays for this webpage, my mother’s family went from Stoney to Sheffield to the USA, all in the late 1800s, though we’ve been coming back to visit for four generations now and for a non-native, I know my way around Stoney and surrounding towns fairly well. My one regret is that so far I’ve never been able to time a visit to allow me to attend the annual Stoney well dressing. And, yes, I’m Italian on my father’s side, but there are lots of international marriages even in Stoney itself, e.g., the local ladies (both distant cousins of mine/yours) who married Latvian WW2 emigres. I always remind people interested in Stoney genealogy not to rule out the folks whose surnames are not Siddall or Mason or Goddard etc–with everyone spreading out across the globe, there are lots of folks, who are Stoney-descended through their mothers, who have non-Derbyshire-sounding surnames. By the way, Thomas Gorton’s niece Lydia Beeley actually married Edmund Kitchen (also spelt back then Kitchin) of Bonsall, whose-grandfather, also Edmund Kitchin, had immigrated there from Bubnell (the little hamlet that’s just across the river from Baslow proper). the surnames “Fletcher” and “Kitchen” can pass for each other in the confusing handwriting of the time. Thomas Gorton’s other Beeley niece Alice Beeley married Jonathan Potter of Darley. Both sisters had numerous children (the marriages for some reason took place in the 1740s at Alfreton, not in Darley or Bonsall, information courtesy of my/your cousin Mrs. Janet Kirk, nee Hancock). Best, Glenn T.

  • Richard Coates says:

    Thanks again. My source for the ‘Fletcher’ was some pencil notes written in the 1890s, so easy for the note-maker or me to get confused! I will let you know if anything else comes up.
    Meanwhile, would it be possible for me to contact Mrs Kirk? She seems to have a mine of information!
    Best regards, Richard

  • Glenn Trezza says:

    Hi, Richard, I’ll check with her. She’s very busy at present, so I’m not sure if she’s taking inquiries, but I’ll find out. Also, she mentioned she’s read your Mum’s book of memoirs and enjoyed it. Is that available for purchase? I’d love to read it myself.
    Best, Glenn T.

  • Richard Coates says:

    Thanks. The book is out of print at present, but I have acquired the rights to it from the publishers, and am intending to re-publish in the next few months, together with an earlier book of hers called ‘Tuppenny Rice and Treacle’ containing recipes and tips about housekeeping from my grandmother’s notebooks. There are occasionally copies of both books on Amazon.

  • Glenn Trezza says:

    Hi, Mr. Coates,
    I’ve purchased copies of both of your Mum’s books on Amazon and am awaiting their delivery from the UK. I look forward to them. Your and my cousin, Mrs. Kirk, has had a chance to get back to me and would be willing to chat with you if you’d still like to do so. On the “Contact Us” link on this SMHCCG website, send the webmasters your email. They’ll forward same to me and I’ll relay to Mrs. Kirk and she’ll get in touch with you via private email.
    With best wishes, Glenn T.

  • Richard Coates says:

    Dear Glenn
    Sorry for the slow reply but I have been travelling round Europe for the last few weeks and not accessing my Ancestry project. I will send the my email address now, as you requested.
    Best regards

  • Karen Pinkney says:

    Hi, I am looking for my long lost relatives they are the Binks family.
    My Grand Farther was Percy Binks and I think he came from Sheffield but lived in Bradwell. I believe I have relatives in Stoney Middleton.

    One of my relatives was an Engineer and Survivor of the R101 airship.

    Does any of this sound familiar. Please get in touch I will send an email address.

    • Emilie scholey says:

      Strangely enough, we have just been looking at a picture of joe binks (that’s in a family photo album) this evening. Been doing a little research since and came across this thread of yours.

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    • Richard Horsley says:

      My 5 times Great Grandfather Joseph Swindells was born in Stoney Middleton in 1746. He married Mary Drable from Eyam. If anybody has any information on them or has them in their family tree I would love to hear from you.

      • Glenn Trezza says:

        Hi, Mr. Horsley,
        I have the following in my files, noted here in outline:
        William Swindel c. 1689-after 1741, mar 1726 Mary Mosley c. 1698-possibly buried 1761 (probably from Grindleford Bridge), parents of Joseph Swindhill bpt 3 Sept 1727 at SM, a miner, buried unk., married 6 Jan’ry 1761 at Eyam Mary Drable, a spinster of the parish of Eyam (dates not certain). I’ve only found two daughters for them: Mary 1764-1764 and Betty bpt 1765.

        Wm Swindel born circa 1689’s parentage is uncertain. He may be a younger son of George Swindell (c. 1640-1708) and Margaret White (c. 1650-1710/1), who had other children between 1674 and c. 1695.

        Your ancestor is definitely not Joseph Swindell bpt 1st May 1746 at SM, son of Joseph Swindell of SM and of Mary Swindell of Dronfield–that Joseph was buried an infant at SM on 15 Nov 1746.

        Hope this helps! Best, Glenn T.

  • Rebecca Jones says:

    Hi there,

    I am currently researching my family tree and traced back to Anthony Hancock and Sarah Blackwell in Stoney Middleton in the mid 1800s. I know Sarah is from Eyam. I would love more information on them and just wondered if you know anyone that can help.

    Thank you

  • Web Hosting says:

    Stoney Middleton wants to be known for its heritage, folklore, charm and legends and there are many stories that are waiting to be told.

  • Charles Hallam says:

    Hi there,

    After much family research I have been able to trace my family back to John Hallam (1776-1844) a farmer from Stoney Middleton. He was married to Ann Hall (1776-1840) in 1797. I was wondering if anybody had any information on his parents or ancestors as I have reached a road block and the information on peoples ancestry family trees differs greatly. Any information at all on John or the Hallam family in general would be most appreciated.

    Kindest regards

    Charles Hallam

  • Ann Lowndes new Richardson says:

    My grandfather Robert John Hancock (Jack) married to Mary Martha Baggaley told me that I came from treacle town (Eyam). Can anyone throw light on this?

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