The Avenue

The Avenue

This is the main road through the village. It is taken close to the Moon Inn looking East towards Calver. The road has changed little over the years and the magnificent beach trees which line the road were as evident then as they are now.

Perhaps the only difference the increase in traffic from the odd horse and cart to thousands of vehicles a day, perhaps every progression is not always a good one

This postcard was kindly donated by Paul Harrison of Sheffield. It is one of a collection that he provided from the home of his late Aunt. Related to the Hallam family originally from Stoney Middleton his aunt had collected many old documents from her families past.

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  • Sue says:

    I walked many times up and down this Avenue as a child both the the school and to the shop and post office in my teens, sadly now all gone.

    I lived in Stoney Middleton all my life until I left the village in 1975 when I moved aged 20 when I married.

    I still class this village as home, even though I now have lived much longer away from it.. And visit most Well Dressings..
    Thank you for providing lovely memories both old and new on this site.

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